London – Notting Hill

A wall in iron and glass, with a post-industrial style will be realized in the wide living area in the basement, to let natural light enter into the room.

Bathrooms in the basement are decorated with green and yellow Zelige tiles. Produced in Morocco, they are handmade.

We opted for floor heating to avoid humidity, typical in basements.

Project description

A typical “Terraced House” in Notting Hill. The Terraced houses characterize London architecture since the 18th Century and are usually divided in one flat per floor, but in this project basement and ground floor are joined creating one apartment.

The building was optimized energetically, an entrance was added to increase comfort, the internal spaces were completely redesigned and custom-made furniture pieces were added to the mix.

The house now has an electrical, exciting feel to it. It stands out for its originality, the rooms are airy and luminous; it hits you like a fresh breeze on a warm summer evening.

Category – Residential
Customer – Private
Designer – Elisabetta Pincherle
Photos by – Feature Pro

Details & Info

The renovation of a typical “terraced house” in Notting Hill included the creation of a basement and a redesign of all the internal spaces.