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At number 15 of Corso Como, in the heart of the new Garibaldi-Porta Nuova district, the beating heart of Milan in transformation, is the new headquarters of the company Bending Spoons, among the top ten companies in the world for app downloads and in first place iOS app developer in Europe. Occupying three of the Building’s eight floors, the new offices represent the heart of Bending Spoons. All the areas on each floor are well defined through specific finishes and different levels of elevation that identify the functional area, and develop around a central body that encloses the technical rooms, toilets and stairwells of the building; between the various areas there are break areas and spaces for socialization and relaxation that act as buffer areas and encourage a relaxed way of working and the sharing of ideas.

In addition to the central staircase, an internal staircase to the offices was also created, conceived not only as a mere connection between the floors but as an element that acts as an optical cone and a key to interpreting the vertical development of the offices. The fourth floor also houses a break area of sqm and a game area of XX sqm as well as Silent Room and meeting rooms and for both formal and informal focus work.

The break area follows a distribution of flow and order in the activities carried out in support of the catering service used for lunch as a table area for the consumption of lunch and a cleaning room hidden in the central volume. In this area there is also a breakfast block with professional juicer and coffee machines, and a corner bar, with also a beer dispenser. The Open Space areas on the fifth and sixth floors are organized into operational workstations that favor a “stateless” approach, so each team is free to mix with the others or group themselves according to day to day needs. To break the continuity of the stations in sequence and reduce their acoustic impact, green islands have been inserted with pots and plants that break the distribution routine and create a pleasant and relaxing garden effect.

Welcoming nature into work spaces, where feeling immersed in a natural space makes a work environment more pleasant and therefore more effective, especially in a context such as that of the metropolis of Milan. Making environments more pleasant, healthier, more human. On all floors, grouped by areas and of various sizes, there are meeting rooms: larger for work sessions with greater participation up to smaller spaces to offer privacy and concentration such as phone booths and silent rooms. Great attention was paid to the creation of a dynamic and never routine work environment and to the creation of a customizable work experience for each individual; to do this, home automation has been widely used, both as regards the use of technological devices in the meeting rooms, but also in the lighting capable of activating and regulating itself according to the quantity of natural light and the presence or absence of people inside the room.

Client – Bending Spoons
Design – Taramelli srl
General Contractor – Taramelli srl
Ph. – Giacomo Albo

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