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Project Management

Project Management

No mission can be faced without a strategy.
No project can be realized without a method.

Only two elements play a key role in project management:



In Taramelli, we mix them skilfully to grant the best results to every project.

Strategy, or how to determine and plan works.

Essential to set up, coordinate and supervise all activities and operative on-site steps to realize the project.

And method, precision, engagement, mastery of tools and materials.

How to manage logistics, face any critical condition and find the perfect solution. Project management phase is the core of every project for a general contractor. It is necessary to reduce the risk of mistake and time waste, and for improving the team’s operativity and customer’s satisfaction.

To optimize the execution of every development step it is important to plan and manage every aspect, considering:

  • Time

  • Costs

  • Quality

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