Works carried out in a short time for this property inside a Victorian house with a large terrace.
The intervention involved the removal and complete refurbishment of the kitchen and the master bathroom, the painting of the entire house including doors and windows, as well as the final installation of the furnishings.
The installation of a new large window has allowed the complete opening of the window towards the garden, projecting the internal rooms towards the outside and vice versa, effectively joining the two rooms. Particular attention to the use of materials: the floor, the countertop and the splashback of the kitchen as well as the shower floor including the wall cladding were made in Mortex, a technique that gives waterproofing and a uniform “waxed concrete” appearance. The bathroom was completed with a diamond-shaped African emerald green cement tile flooring with geometric designs.

Location: Harcourt Terrace, RBKC
Year: 2018 – 2019
Highlights: Chelsea
Designer: Agathe Hubert
Photographer: Oliver McLaughlin

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