New offices of Studio DC10 will be in a building near Arco della Pace in Milano. A wide space of 340sqm and 70sqm of terrace, which is formerly a laboratory restoration. The new project sees the complete demolition of the basement and of part of the covering base, for the creation of an external patio to be used as meeting area. Partition walls will be in glass, while floor covering will be made with an industrial finishing recalling the pillars and the external flower box in concrete. Exterior area will also have a floating floor covering to let water flow underneath, where a collecting tank will be positioned.

Interior area will be divided in three private offices and an open space of 250sqm for employees. There will also be a kitchen, two meeting rooms and a press room. The wide entrance has been designed to be also set up as a theatre room to show the studio projects.

Category – Office
Customer – Studio DC10
Designer – Studio DC10

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