Courmayeur – Villa

Renovation of a 1935 villa in Courmayeur, carried out in compliance with the building tradition of the valley, responding to new family needs.

Descrizione del progetto

Renovation of a single villa in Courmayeur dating back to 1935. The house had a non-habitable attic which was raised thus obtaining an additional floor. The restructuring also included a volumetric expansion which required an important structural consolidation, to adapt the project to the current anti-seismic legislation. The roof was built with the traditional shed roof, suitable for municipal landscape requirements.

A complete renovation that has improved the livability of the villa and has also provided for an external and internal restyling. We wanted to maintain the typical style of the valley, without compromising today’s standards in terms of comfort and efficiency and and the modern clean and minimalist lines.

Overall, the project has given the villa an appearance that blends modernity and tradition, practicality and refinement, making it the perfect refuge for the whole family.

Category – Residential
Customer – Private
Designer – Arch. Monica Pratesi
Photos – Giacomo Albo

Details & Info

A building from the 1930s was enlarged and raised one floor to meet new family needs. A renovation carried out respecting the traditional construction of the valley.