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Tenaris is a leading supplier of tubes and related services for the world’s energy industry and other industrial applications. The new warehouse in Qingdao is located in a partly build area with industrial purpose. The factory produces airbag components, the project required a special engineering of the manufacturing area around the machinery, already used in Europe.

Machines required a high level of automation to be connected, thus the warehouse should be designed purposely on manufacturing line requirements. The project was designed by Italian engineers and given for approval to Chinese authorities. The big challenge was to realize it in China with local components, manufacturing practices and instruments.

The building phase reserved some surprises: chosen area had giant granite underground rocks, which were to be broken and taken away to lay foundations. Soon after foundation we installed main columns and connection beams, internal structure requirements included also Overhead Crane beams and related truss ones. Once this operation was finished we proceeded with office floor structure and roof. We managed to lay firefighting painting at the same time to main, secondary and office structure. Last step was laying the external anticorrosive covering and the roof windows and skylight for safety ventilation and natural lighting.

Indoor there is also a shelter ‚Äì which houses the mechanical equipment, where you can find instruments controlling the quality of air and demineralized water produced. The system was designed, produced and delivered on-site from Italy by our staff. Inside the “shelter” there are: a compressor Atlas Copco, a series of filters for guarantee the best air quality possible, CCC certified tanks as Chinese standard, supported by sturdy threaded stainless-steel piping, well fixed to the shelter itself.

Category – Industrial
Customer – Tenaris

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