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This house is part of an Edwardian building, surrounded by green lawns and situated a stone’s throw from London. The building’s façade is enriched by large windows, gables and chimneys. The renovation peeled back several years of modifications to reveal the true beauty of the building. The grand hall faces on the front, from the corridor one moves into the dining room and the kitchen. Upstairs there are a main bedroom and two guestrooms with en-suite bathrooms.

In the grand hall the original mahogany panelling had survived intact. During restoration works under the moquette emerged the original wood-block flooring, which was restored and painted. These operations gave to the room that warm and embracing nuance proper of woods.

In the new dining room the original mosaic floor depicts a flower motif, while several areas of the home had a black and white geometrical mosaic both restored manually lying about 20.000 tiles without a net, to re-create the missing areas with the same original style. It was a hard work finding the right stones for completing the dining room mosaic, since the Egyptian cobble is no more used in building. All new tiles had to undergo an ageing treatment, to soften differences with existing ones.

Private rooms of the house are decorated with wallpapers created by Misha. The most peculiar are the cloud one in the bathroom and the one in main bedroom with gold chips and hand-painted peacocks – a limited collection. The three fireplaces, ceiling stuccos and old cast iron radiators were preserved.

Category – Residential
Customer – Private
Designer – Alessia Garibaldi
Photos by – Helenio Barbetta

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