This renovation project by Milan-based GDG Design, led by Lucio Aprea and Marco Bottarelli, translates and updates the classic language of this traditional residence located in the heart of Milan. The furnishing choices and stylistic elements contrast with pre-existing antique finishes, in the architecs redefinition of the home interior through the addition of technological solutions, functionalities and extreme attention to detail.
The clear design approach rings out in every element, from the materials to the furniture, conjuring up a unique style to satisfy the clients. Doubling as the entrance area, the living area is immediately characterized by particular luminosity thanks to a long window that runs the entire length of one wall.
The internal spatial concept achieves a continuity of perspective for the living room, kitchen, dining room, and living area and study, which if desired may be divided by special elements.
The interior was designed to be perceived as a living whole, flanked by a connecting ‘’gallery’’ whose openings diversify room use and organization. Without ever losing sight of the overall vision and stylistic approach that permeats the project, each room is defined by the choices that render it unique.
Light management had a strong impact on the development of the interior design. Natural light flows through the large windows, making it a key feature in all rooms, not just heightening sensory perception but improving the future residents’ sense of wellbeing; the artificial lighting was specially conceived to highlight details in the finishes.
The color choice helps to animate and transform the look of each room. In a refined and coherent continuum, light shades ranging from beige to grey meet dark shades from black to brown.
Balance and size are cardinal aspects of the project, turning this space into a locus for everyday family life, as well as an elegant meeting place for social events.

Location: Milano, Conciliazione
Year: 2019 – 2020
Highlights: Classical-style apartment
Designer: Arch. Lucio Aprea, Arch. Marco Bottarelli, GDG Design
Photographer: Giacomo Albo

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