Preserving and handing down, design meets quality construction.

Base B has undergone a transformation that leaves you speechless: the new EuroMilano headquarters, proud of its productive past, now has a new, modern, colourful, multifunctional look.
The conservative renovation project was drawn up internally by EuroMilano and the work was entrusted to Taramelli Srl as general contractor. It was a complex and articulated intervention, carried out in record time and in compliance with all the specifications imposed by EuroMilano: attention to the environment, preservation of the original settings of the site, high quality materials and workmanship.
The context is Bovisa, which is now experiencing a new phase in its evolution from an industrial settlement to a district open to innovation and urban regeneration.
The work carried out by Taramelli is of great quality,” says architect Stefano Bartocci, who supervised the conservation project. “We have respected the original layout of the site, introducing some significant innovations, such as the demolition of the concrete fence, replaced by a gate that lets you see inside: the area opens up to the neighbourhood and lets passers-by see. The visual opening will also allow people to fully enjoy the impressive decoration of the buildings by artist Raymundo Sesma in 2006. The exteriors and interiors have been built using top quality materials, and the utmost attention has been paid, both in the design and construction phases, to the comfort of those who will be working in and visiting Base B”.
The redevelopment of Base B, EuroMilano’s new headquarters, was a challenge right from the start,” comments Giuseppe Taramelli. “It was an ambitious objective that we can now say has been achieved thanks to the contribution of all the parties involved, from the client to the professionals involved, from the workers to the project managers. It is an honour for us to have been selected by EuroMilano, and a source of pride for their satisfaction. It is an important point of arrival for us: to have participated in this start of urban regeneration in this historic district of Milan, between a sculpture by Gaetano Pesce, the Wood, the Drop and the Bovisa gas pipelines, and of course the legendary model already present in the old premises, positioned in the outdoor area, representing the beautiful Milan that will watch over these new spaces like a good star”.
The outcome is pleasant, attractive, comfortable, as Attilio Di Cunto, EuroMilano’s managing director, emphasises: “The result we have achieved is truly exceptional. The renovation of Base B was carried out with great care and skill by the Taramelli company, to whom I would like to extend my thanks and congratulations. They were able to interpret our requests and performed a difficult task. We are very satisfied.

Location: Milano Bovisa
Year: 2020
Highlights: Urban regeneration
Designer: Euromilano SpA, ReView stp SpA, LABICS
Photographer: Cristina Santoni

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