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Independent residence, located in the historic center of a small town on Lake Como. The building develops around a courtyard. The wing overlooking the historic center has maintained its original character, the part overlooking the lake has been redesigned in a modern key with large sliding windows that project the interiors towards the garden and towards the lake.

The project involved three main areas of intervention: a complete restyling of the facade, a complete restoration of the wing of the house that has been in disuse for years and finally the construction of an underground garage.

The generous size of the property has allowed it to be divided into two large units. The entire operation required the demolition of some internal walls and structural work to make the building anti-seismic following the most recent regulations in force.

The first step was to build a temporary external structure which, in addition to ensuring the safety of the workers during the renovation, prevented infiltrations during the roof and insulation renovation. In addition to the new roof, a terrace was designed and developed.

The second lot was subject to structural works that required the use of iron parts to reinforce the floors and perimeter walls. The cover was removed and replaced by creating exposed trusses within the living area. On the facade, the old arches have given way to a clean design with linear architectural forms. The flagship of the concept are the sliding and hinged windows and shutters, which allow you to fully enjoy the view of the lake.

Category – Residences
Customer – Private
Designer – Ing. Arturo Montanelli
General Contractor – Taramelli srl
Photographer – Giacomo Albo

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