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The project covered the complete redevelopment and extension of a 1930 villa that rised on two floors above ground as well as an uninhabitable attic.

Through the regional law “Piano Casa”, it was possible to expand the house by recovering the attic, thus dividing the space into three independent housing units.

The largest apartment has maintained the historic independent entrance of the villa from the ground floor. A new stairwell has been created, common to the other two units, and the steps of the new stair have been covered in Pietra Serena.

Compared to the historical conformation of the house, the new intervention has made the volume more harmonious and enhanced the views towards Mont Blanc, now clearly visible from the large windows installed and the new balconies created.

The expansion of the villa involved the adaptation of the building to the anti-seismic legislation with the consolidation of the existing foundations and the rebuilding of the floors. The new volume was built with a load-bearing structure, made of reinforced concrete cast-on-site and steel beams, to support the new large windows.
Due to current legislation of energy usage, the walls of the expansion were insulated with a thermal coating and the latest generation windows.
For the roof, insulated with latest generation materials, brushed and hand axed fir beams were used, while the pitches were covered with local stone slates.

The outdoor area was also entirely redesigned. The area was divided, creating a parking and a garden with the creation of a dining and relaxation area.

The project idea for the interior spaces was instead to combine minimal simplicity with the functionality requested by the client.

The floors are in brushed oak parquet while the bathrooms are in natural stone.
All the new partitions were made of double plasterboard with doors flush with the wall in essence or paintable. False ceilings were also installed for greater acoustic insulation between the three units.

The newly built apartment, located on the attic floor, has seen in the search for natural light, the main theme of the project.

In the living area, a double-height space has been created with a cantilevered staircase in cast-on-site reinforced concrete, which leads to the master suite. Large full-height windows were then installed that allow a magnificent view of Mont Blanc and the local ski area.

Taramelli S.r.l. has managed all client’s request since the first design stages with technical and feasibility advice, continuing with the support in the choice of materials up to the realization and then the completion of the project in the established times, dealing with unavoidable unforeseen events that arose during the construction site.

Category– Residential
Concept & Artistic Project – Arch. Monica Pratesi
General Contractor – Taramelli srl
Photographer – Giacomo Albo

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