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Infinite light and breathtaking views overlooking a large part of the city of Milan characterize this 140 sqm apartment, plus 35 sqm of terrace, inserted in the context of Torre Aria, Porta Nuova area.

The concept, inspired by Japanese minimalism, based the project on a more architectural design, with a lighting system designed to accentuate the strong lines of the perspective.

The new layout of the master bathroom has been designed to accommodate a free-standing bathtub, a shower and a sauna without further internal subdivisions.

The long corridor that connects the living room with the sleeping area culminates with a large full-height pivot door that leads to the master bedroom, which once opened allows you to enjoy the skyline of the Milan Cathedral.

The white walls of the living leave room for the main element, the external view, over the BAM park, towards the vertical forest and Gae Aulenti Square.

The focal point inside the living room, the only element that interrupts the continuity of the view of the large open space is the pendant chandelier on the circular dining table.

The position of the island is a functional connecting element between living room, dining area and kitchen.

In general, we wanted to keep a clean and minimalist line, without renouncing pronounced contrasts both in colors and shapes, and in particular and ultra-modern details.
The space is integrated with state-of-the-art home automation, the Vimar By-me Plus system, controlled by voice.

Design – Taramelli srl
General Contractor – Taramelli srl
Ph. – Giacomo Albo

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