The Leica store and showroom in Rome, close to Piazza di Spagna, is located on the ground floor of a historic building designed by Borromini. The elimination of previous owners’ architectural interventions provided no end of scope for a complete revamp of the structure.
The premises’ particularly high ceilings and the barrel vaults that divide up the rooms offered a major opportunity for antique material surfaces to coexist with contemporary, elegant design.
To accentuate the contrast between old and new, Leica’s design language was reinterpreted to take advantage of pre-existing historical elements such as rough plaster and exposed brickwork. Alessia Garibaldi heightened this effect by using perfectly white plasterboard panels, alternating with existing load-bearing walls. With grace and refinement, this intervention fitted within the perspective and geometric lines of the arches and existing masonry.
Contemporary taste is further evident in the choice of furniture to showcase Leica’s products, perfectly matching the simplicity and purity of the interior finishes.

Location: Rome
Year: 2017
Highlights: Piazza di Spagna
Designer: Arch. Alessia Garibaldi, Garibaldi architects
Photographer: Giacomo Albo

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