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Leica Store in Rome is located in the ground floor of a prestigious building near Piazza di Spagna, whose courtyard and façade were created by Borromini. Rooms were already used as a shop, but needed a total restyling.

The space emerged after peeling back several years of additions, revealed very high ceilings with barrel vaults divided into intimate rooms. Natural lights fell on the ancient walls in a striking way. The project reinterpreted Leica concept design to exploit the patterns of time: colored plaster, old bricks, traces and loose parts gave an artistic allure to the location.

We applied some “plasterboard slabs” playing on different layers between old brick and new perfect white minimalist walls; hiding and rediscovering them with a game of artificial lights and shadows. The entire project is based on plane geometry applied to the new intervention and takes advantage of the contrast of materials, from tactile to the intangible, integrating the Leica furnishings whose monolithic character dialogues perfectly with the lightness of the space.

Category – Retail
Customer – Leica
Designer – Alessia Garibaldi, Giorgio Piliego, Marco Vigo

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