Milan – Leica

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Leica Store in Milan is the ideal place to live the passion for photography: it’s a shop and a gallery, where exhibitions and events take place. Two different spaces connected by a continuous flow.

Walls are covered in concrete; whose imperfections mark out the location. These panels are 180cm high.

The passage between the two rooms is made with two portals covered in wrought iron treated with black oxide.

Lighting system is made with cyma moldings and recesses, to filter white lights and softening the atmosphere. A series of displays in translucent glass were made to enhance internal brightness.

The floor is coverd in resin with iron baseboard, both in the shop and the gallery.

Project description

Leica Store in Milan is the first multifunctional shop of the German company, leader in cameras market. The 160sqm area has an “L” shape: on the front there is the shop with backwall covered by concrete and along sidewalls the shelves and showcases for the products. Crossing the twin iron covered portals you’re in the Leica Galerie, an area dedicated to photo exhibitions, lessons and meetings with the most significant past and present photographers.

Concrete panels are 180cm high and laid by hand, while the twin portals are covered with in wrought iron treated with black oxide to enhance the light and shade effect. All furniture has been custom-made and are designed to face the double aim of the location. In the same way cyma moldings and recesses filter the lights for a better atmosphere and enhancing exhibition areas.

Category – Retail
Customer – Leica
Designer – Alessia Garibaldi, Giorgio Piliego, Marco Vigo,

Details & Info

Leica Store in Milan is a place where you can live the passion for photography: a store but also a gallery, hosting shows and events. Two ambients united by a constant dialogue.