Taking a break away from the busy city of Shenzhen.
A seaside oasis, near a small village, this residential complex is built on a cliff between windy sand paths and lush vegetation.
Our aim was to create an integral environment bathed in warm colors.
The only boundry we had on this project was that of its existing structural shell. For the rest we had carte blanche to create new spaces, paths and views. For all finishing we used famous brands such as: Giorgetti (furniture) and Flos (lighting).
3348 roman travertine marble tiles were imported from Italy to set the foundation of the internal living spaces: two floors and a roof garden connected by an iron staircase all completely covered in marble.
Together in elegant contrast to the marble, we installed Teak Wood flooring and moldings all hand-beveled for the bedrooms, and further treated and protected for the exterior terraces. It is hard to say how much, while maintaining the volumes, the original building has been completely revolutionized.

Location: Dameisha, Shenzhen (CHN)
Year: 2014 -2015
Highlights: Vanke 17 miles villa
Designer: Arch. Alessia Garibaldi, Garibaldi Architects, Milano
Photographer: Guo Weixing

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