This project is located in Shenzhen (PRC), in the heart of Futian – the city’s financial district. The 1,000sqm space located on 15th floor of Anlian Building was divided in: meeting rooms, offices and boardrooms to meet the company’s needs. It was fitted with the latest equipment and enhanced by a classic, timeless style and aesthetic: furniture, decor and marble are sent directly from Italy.

Taramelli successfully handled the delicate task of coordinating the entire construction process, almost performed during the night, managing local suppliers and workers. It was not always an easy task due to difficulties and differences in background, language and technical approach to the project. At the end results a well-organized and efficient distribution of spaces, where a strict attention to details and supervision of materials was carried out by our Italian craftsmen. Under the excellent technical direction of Taramelli’s project manager, all teams cooperated to the overwhelming success and recognition of our first realization in China.

Category – Offices
Customer – Giada
Designer – Alessia Garibaldi, Giorgio Piliego
Photos by – Star Guo

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