Milan – Swarovski

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The strong corporate image is the main feature of Swarovski’s headquarter design in Milan.

A floating floor has been used, to add or move working stations, and to reach easily the plants.

Internal separations are made with glass walls, to have more light in the offices and a cozy space.

The showroom at the first floor is set up with floor covering and dispalys used in every shop worldwide, according to the strong corporate image guidelines and in respect of the mood adopted in the rest of the building.

Project description

Located on Via Dante in the center of Milan, Swarovski headquarter is integrated within a 1900’s building and distributed over 3,000 sqm. Maintaining the world famous distinctive brand image, this project was carefully designed and carried out to meet all customer’s specific and special needs.


The reception area and showroom, located on ground floor, clearly and strikingly illustrates the company’s powerful and unique presence in their market. The second floor boasts spacious and elegant meeting rooms and offices designed to keep communication flowing throughout work and relax areas. The third-floor houses all Swarovski’s collections from the most precious to special or limited-edition products. On the fourth floor is the cafeteria and rest area.

The careful choice of materials and finishing aims to illustrate the influential and timeless quality of this constantly growing company, mirrored with the classical elements of the building to reflect their long and successful history.

Category – Offices
Customer – Swarovski
Designer – Marco Vigo, Debora Belloni, Guido Polli
Photos by – Roberto Leoni

Details & Info

Un’immagine aziendale coordinata è il tratto distintivo di un progetto che ha contemplato spazi e funzioni secondo necessità specifiche.