Copernico Lunigiana - Milan 1
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Copernico is a smartworking platform with many offices, this intervention was made in Lunigiana one, situated near Milan Central Station. The project considered a mix from working stations and common areas, in order to build a multi-functional location where every room has its specific architectural language in a unique Copernico Style.

Our intervention involves the conversion of a portion of the complex combining office and common areas such as: cafè, gym, library, coworking areas and a cinema. The main challenge was to create all flexible, functional and scalable spaces, expressing a new idea of the working dimension. Among the location peculiarities an art gallery in the basement.

A huge work was made for research, samples and selection of materials, colours and finishings. There are a lot of materials with aestethic impact, such as ceilings in wood fiber and concrete – which is soundproof and isolating. Walls are covered in wood, azulejos and metal sheets resulting in a uniform, consistent, warm and cozy environment; to warm up the mood we used also LED lights. Materials were laid carefully and this was the most prestigious and complicated part of workings. Besides building we also realized an important work to make every room complying with safety regulations.

Category – Offices
Customer – Copernico Lunigiana
Designer – Alessia Garibaldi, Marco Vigo, Giorgio Piliego
Photos by – Giacomo Albo

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