Copernico is a business acceleration platform dedicated to smartworking, it manages numerous spaces including the new Lunigiana near Milano Central Station.
Here Copernico has decided to combine spaces for office use and places of sharing, building an enviroment that adapts to different possibilities of use, and where each space has its own specific architectural language always coherent with Copernico’s style. The intervention involved the conversion of a portion of the property, within which now combine spaces for office use and places of sharing such as bars, co-working, library, cinema and event areas.
One of the main challenges was to make all spaces flexible, funcional and scalable.
Among the peculiarities of the location also the setting up of an art gallery in the basement.

Location: Via Copernico, Milano
Year: 2016
Highlights: Copernico 38
Designer: Studio DC10 Milano
Photographer: Giacomo Albo

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