The design of the new reception is part of an already conformed context, the real challenge was therefore to build a welcoming space with a strong identity and communicative value in continuity with what already exists.
The fit out has created an emotional and evocative environment, which tells the company’s history through period documents and involves the visitor in a cognitive experience, in which to relate to the surrounding space by receiving stimuli, suggestions and visions. In the design phase, we worked on important values: man, technology, innovation and internationalization. All these aspects are
represented through the images of the infrastructures created: bridges, tunnels, rail or ship transport, etc. The layout of the entrance is structured around three focal points: The anvil, incipit of the story and symbol of the company, is located in the center of the reception and welcomes guests directing them to the other two points; The reception counter, consisting of a folded and shaped iron plate; The evocative wall, which ideally connects the entrance with the telescope that opens towards the production area.
The latter made it possible to develop the story in a linear form, telling it through four elements: earth, air, water and fire; well represented in the wire sculpture that winds along it and which builds a story on two levels: the wire and the photographic panels. The sculpture is the work of the young artist Federica Giudici.
It was immediately clear that the main material had to be iron, which in its faceting takes up the shapes of the external facade. The panels that make up the wall required a joint effort of design and engineering. The result is the movement given by the flat iron panels alternating with the recessed photographic ones. The latter are printed on plastoferrite, a magnetic material that allows you to change the images of the story if necessary.

Location: Bolgare, Bergamo
Year: 2018
Highlights: Museum set-up
Designer: Giuseppe Taramelli, Rossana Pedrali, Andrea Bertazzoli, Riccardo Minelli
Photographer: Giacomo Albo

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