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The charm of contemporaneity, rationality and beauty prevails in this harmonious sustainable fit out that has included a meticulous recovery of some furnishings, the renovation and requalification of the plants in a perfect combination of high-tech and aesthetics, in harmony with the extraordinary combination of lines and of shapes that chase each other to create a dynamic interaction between the environments.

The works were carried out in compliance with the building requirements, without the use of the stairwell or elevator, through the use of an external load plan.

Entering the apartment, an immersive atmosphere welcomes us together with a play of light through the glass transparencies of the new interior doors which offers a dynamic flow of natural brightness that sinuously combines with the light of LED systems, carefully selected. Light spreads and integrates with style and discretion in the architecture, enhances forms and decorative elements, exalts the quality of materials and the magnificence of surfaces.

The kitchen, the fulcrum of living, acquires a new life and a new soul. High-tech, totally redesigned and tailor made to maximize space potentiality, the renovation guarantees functionality and design, accompanying the volumes and extending the perspective of the volumes.

Every detail, meticulously studied, relates to the environment and becomes the protagonist: the curtains with retractable rails, the entrance flooring that echoes the geometric lines of the apartment … Just to name a few distinctive elements which offer a reality of multiple values to be experienced in a mix of rigor and pleasantness.

Category – Residential
Customer – Private
Designer – Cabinet NOTARI Architectes
General Contractor – Taramelli srl
Photographer – Giacomo Albo

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