It is a complete renovation, where the order and rhythm of the material combine modern architecture and clean shapes.
The new composition of the volumes allows the store to be multi-functional: in addition to hosting the showroom and the Leica Academy, the environment also becomes an exhibition with the first Leica Gallery in the UK.
Architectural spaces, materials and decorative elements come to life and dialogue with the Leica exhibition.
Wood gives a strong connotation and great vitality to the spaces. The floors, unique in value and beauty, are made with an innovative product that blends wood with cement resin: the parquet, laid in herringbone pattern, receives a resin finish that protects and enhances the grain and characteristics of the wood.
Even the large wooden portals tell a story of craftsmanship and technology. Every architectural and decorative element is artfully designed and welcomes the Leica brand in style.

Location: Duke Street
Year: 2019
Highlights: Oxford street
Designer: Arch. Alessia Garibaldi, Garibaldi Architects
Photographer: Courtesy of Leica

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