Terno d’Isola, 30th April 2018 – Taramelli, general contractor working worldwide, was in charge for the restoration of the new headquarter of Bending Spoons, young and dynamic company leader in app development for smartphones, located in Isola area in Milan.

Born in 2013 from the cooperation of five friends, Bending Spoons has today about 25 apps distributed on the top app stores, with more than 100 million downloads on subscription or purchase. The company recently moved in Milan, choosing the sixth floor of a building in Porta Nuova area. In the 680sqm space they needed to create a wide open-space for employees, twelve meeting rooms and a common area equipped with kitchen and lunchroom. An ambitious and varied project, even more challenging if we consider that the building itself was in restoration. This means it was necessary to work in synergy with another team, carrying out very invasive works impacting even with Taramelli operations.

“In Bending Spoons everything we do, is done ambitiously, aiming to excellence. This is the spirit we wanted to impart to our offices: a high quality realization, studied in every detail. That’s the motivation for the strict requirements given to Taramelli; but that’s also why we did not settled for a standard interior design, searching for creativity and diversity. Taramelli was able to support us in every choice, selecting excellent artisans creating beautiful and unique furniture pieces” says Luca Ferrari, co-founder of Bending Spoons.

A few elements remained of the original structure, internal divisions are realized through glass walls to exploit natural light. The renewal operation required the coordination of several artisans, who realized finishing and custom-made furniture. A special research was made both for materials and solutions selection: internal glass doors and windows are realized in painted iron, cut and welded in order to model little conduits for air recycle.

To enliven the offices, we used wallpapers printed custom, brick walls and even moss – which is a natural soundproof element used to isolate common areas and meeting rooms. The high-tech core of the company is enhanced through a sensational light decoration and a lighting system managed through sensors, without requiring any human interaction. It is realized with motion sensors, to detect people moving in the room, and light intensity sensor, measuring indoor and outdoor brightness to maintain it constant.

“The renewal of Bending Spoons’ offices was a unique experience, even under a human point of view, for our company” says Giuseppe Taramelli, founder of Taramelli Srl. “They revealed as a demanding yet scrupulous customer since the tender phase, with a positive and proactive behavior. A good and cooperative relationship begun with them and gave us the possibility of working with passion and good will – encouraging the research of different and creative building solutions and materials”.