Looking at Fuorisalone event from inside

An old adage says “You never forget your first”. If we look back to our lives, every first time is a milestone for our history. Why can’t it be the same for a company?

This year we decided to face a brand new experience: take part at FuoriSalone. That’s how the series of events organized in Milan during Salone del Mobile tradeshow is called. From more than a decade, the city’s nightlife is characterized for seven days by design installations, parties and exhibitions. Effort and excitement were the keywords of this first time. But let us get things in the right order.

A proposal appeared during the meeting for 2018 marketing plan: Taking part at Fuorisalone. Hesitation. This event is traditionally reserved for important interior design brands, architecture firms and… Why shouldn’t we try to speak with these important partners and present Taramelli together side by side? The same way we’re doing from 30 years: supporting reciprocally in the building of home and offices. That’s a good idea but very difficult to be realized, how do we stand out from the countless events of that week?

Call it beginner’s luck, Marcello Pianosi – an architect with whom we co-operate – was searching for partners to take part to the project curated by Studio Marco Piva and Marie Claire Maison. The location will be the famous Galleria Manzoni, recently restored. We cannot lose this opportunity and in a while we’re ready to embark in this new adventure.

Adventure. A word recalling long journeys and strong emotions. No other word can better explain what we have lived: excitement, frenzy, disheartenment, exhaustion, euphoria, adrenaline; they all mixed up to generate a unique unmistakable sentiment, which accompanied us in the long journey from setting up to the last day of the event.

The exhibition was called “The Secret Colors of Milan”: a tour divided in 9 rooms, distinguished by 9 colors, which would show to Milan inhabitants and visitors “Still Life” environments build with furniture, tissues and lights evoking suggestions. It was a beautiful idea and we were going to realize the Black area with POM Glass.

Since the beginning we understood it would be a great challenge, to be taken head-on. Setting up had to be done in a few days and the area was a mess. In the meanwhile, we began sending invitations to our mailing lists: meeting to be arranged, evening events, recall and the communication on social networks. It was a very important occasion and nothing could be left to chance.

Monday April 16th came too early, that afternoon just before the opening there were so many things to be done! And so many “surprises”! An emotional crescendo bringing someone to be a little on edge, chaos seems to prevail, and then… On 17th morning everything was perfect. Only thing missing were guests, who arrived perfectly staggered during the days, and in the evening, people crowded into the location.

The jolly atmosphere encouraged exchange of ideas, new connections, we collected business cards and got in touch with new contacts. Days are long and intense, full of emotions and meetings. The weekend came in a rush. Every moment becomes a memory. It’s time to come back in the office and draw conclusions. Not everything run as smoothly as we expected, but this is a first time we will remember forever.

Now it’s time to look forward and with the experience gained plan next year’s event.