The company is steady growing and chooses a local partner for building the new facility

Terno d’Isola, 20th March 2018 – Acciaitubi is leader in the production of welded tubes. After three generatons of entrepreneurs the company business is still growing and needed to enlarge its workshop. The project sees the building of a new facility with 2600sqm indoor and the urbanization of 3000sqm of outdoor areas for truck logistics. Building operations were given to Taramelli Srl, a general contractor from Bergamo operating worldwide.

“Investments for this new facility are just part of the future development of our company” says Marco Berera. “For this year we forecasted an increasing of 20 employees. We believe in this region and we’re sure about our investments. We found in Taramelli the same entrepreneurial aim, this generated a very productive cooperation.”

Building operations begun in July 2017, with a first phase of trailing shoe and the preparation of the area along the west side of the actual factory. The new building develops along the older one, once finished the construction of external walls, the one separating the two buildings was demolished. Some precautions were taken during the design phase, in order to improve the working environment, for example sheds points North, to avoid any blinding situations during working hours. A sewer and wells were realized outdoor for collecting rainwater and disperse it directly underground.

“The facility was ready at the end of March, so that Acciaitubi could position the machine tools.” Says Giuseppe Taramelli, president of Taramelli Srl. “Acciaitubi has been a building site we literally saw growing from our windows. It has been an honor working with a company, which is so important for our region.”

Works for internal set up will be finalized in the next weeks, while urbanization works for the outdoor truck logistic area will be finished later in the year for technical reasons.