The project required the rethinking of spaces formerly used for residential purposes to create a new office for a major fashion brand. The space is located on the third floor of a historic Milanese building on Via Sant’Andrea, a location that required overcoming various logistical and bureaucratic constraints. The work required a lot of demolition to redistribute the interior spaces, and all the installations and lighting system were redone.
The renovation operation resulted in the delivery of an office equipped with all the most modern and technologically advanced comforts, with a home automation system to control lighting and air conditioning. The fit out of the interior also involved the supply of the furniture, while some valuable decorative elements such as the black marble fireplace were preserved.

Location: Milano
Year: 2012
Highlights: Via della Spiga
Designer: Arch. Alessia Garibaldi, Garibaldi Architects
Photographer: Federico Carli

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