Acciaitubi is one of the largest national producers of welded tubes. Now in its third generation, the company’s business continues to grow, so the need arose to expand the company’s operational surface area. The project includes the construction of a new building of 2,600 square meters covered and external urbanization works for a total of 3,000 square meters of yards for the movement of trucks.
The construction works, which began in July 2017, saw the building of a structure on the west side of the existing warehouse, which will be the extension once the existing wall is demolished at the end of the works. The building is 117m long, divided by the regular 12m pitch of the pillars. The two short sides of 22m are developed as a single span.
The structure is supported on 90 piles, which reach a depth of 9m and support the thrust of the structure on the foundations. The piles used have a different diameter and reinforcement than those used in the previous structure, so that fewer and shorter piles can be used, while complying with all the relevant regulations.
All the windowed parts (sheds) face north to avoid direct glare during daytime working hours. The air-lighting ratios required by legislation in the working environment are ensured by a mix of sheds and zenithal skylights.

Location: Terno D’Isola
Year: 2018
Highlights: Historical factory
Designer: Geom. Natale Pedruzzi
Photographer: Giacomo Albo

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