Bending Spoons started in 2013 as a collaboration between five young friends with extensive expertise in business, technology, and design who were up for anything, even bending spoons with their minds, to make it.

Since then Bending Spoons has grown and expanded and, when the moment came to build a new, bigger office that reflected their philosophy and their approach to their work, they chose us.

For us, this was an exciting opportunity to create something different, we had to learn all about them so that we could create the perfect environment for this forward thinking company.

The usual rules and structures have been dissected and analyzed so that only those that were actually useful and relevant could remain, and then we enriched that with fresh, exciting new stuff. What they wanted is perfectly in line with the concept of renovation: not being afraid to let go of what is no longer working and moving forward with new creative ideas that will make life, and business, better.

The video we are sharing here is an attempt to show you the process of how this offices came to be. Our company carried out the whole process: we designed it and then we realized it, and the look on the faces of the employees as they enter their new offices is our greatest satisfaction. Find the video of how it happened here.


“A few years ago Professor Mauro Cavallone defined the client as the “Sun King “. His was a strong statement, from my point of view only partially acceptable, pronounced within the context of a very rich and articulated analysis of how commercial relations have evolved over time and on the concept of customer loyalty itself. The customer is not a hologram (at least not yet!). It is not the abstract component of a sales process. Customers are people. Women and men, each with a unique, unmistakable, unrepeatable heart beat. Each with their own strengths and weaknesses. I think it is a wrong operation to always agree with the client, counterproductive in the long run, not only from an ethical standpoint, but also in terms of business. Credibility of a business also passes through the sustainability and consistency of one’s ideas and vision.

During my long and varied career path I met many people and some of them became customers. From each one I absorbed something positive: my personal and professional history is the result of these relationships. As Taramelli Srl, we have completed, on behalf of the young and highly active Bending Spoons company, the works relating to the redevelopment of the offices in one of the coolest areas of Milan.

Having said that, being creative, curious and full of healthy enthusiasm does not at all mean taking things with less seriousness and depth of analysis. In the tender phases they were rigorous, scrupulous, even meticulous, all the while with a positive and proactive approach. They took the necessary information about our company and, thanks to the passion and enthusiasm of our Luca Lodovici, who immediately recognized the peculiarity of these guys, awarded us the contract. A special empathy immediately arose between them. A relationship of complicity, mutual listening and respect for roles led to the result, in my opinion of great value, which Giacomo Albo brilliantly connected with the usual beautiful photo shoot.

Their tones were never arrogant, they were always cordial and yet decisive, knowing that one can be highly demanding even through grace, education and welcoming smiles. And it was precisely that alchemy of rigor and the authenticity of the relationship that guaranteed the success of the work done, stimulating us all to give our best, moving the bar of excellence every day an inch higher.

The description and words used in this article were inspired by the passion I saw in the eyes of my collaborators every time we confronted each other in the office or on the construction site. And it is precisely for this reason that I would be very pleased if young teams like Bending Spoons were considered the “Sun King” of the market: they are the fresh and positive examples in a context too often poisoned by cynical logic and distinctly utilitarian visions. For all of us at Taramelli Srl the young men of Bending Spoons were not just customers. We were allowed and able to to work as we know how, with passion and willingness: by bringing out much, much more than we could have done in other contexts. Thank you very much for allowing us to earn in terms of dignity, making us become a better company. “