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Acciaitubi project consists of the enlargement of the workshop. The new building has been connected with the old one for a total of 2600 smq indoor, the operation includes also the creation of about 3000 smq of outdoor service areas.

90 foundation piles hold up the building. Piles reach a depth of 9 metres.

All windows point North, in order to avoid any blinding situation during working hours.

Project description

Acciaitubi is one of the biggest Italian manufacturer of welded tubes. After three generations of entrepreneurs the company business is still growing and needs to enlarge its workshop. The project sees the building of a new facility with 2600 sqm indoor and the urbanization of 3000 sqm of outdoor areas for trucks logistic.

The new structure develops along the west side of the existing workshop, of which represents an enlargement after the demolition of inner wall. The building is long 117m, divided by the regular pitch of 12m of pillar. The shorter sides are 22m long and are developed as a unique span.

The building holds up on 90 piles, which reach a depth of 9m and support the push of the structure on foundations. If compared with older structure, piles have different diameter and reinforcement, so that we can reduce their number and the length.

Sheds points North, in order to avoid any blinding situation during working hours. The relationship air/light is secured by a mix of sheds and lantern roof, following working environment regulations.

Category – Industrial
Customer – Acciaitubi

Details & Info

Il progetto Acciaitubi prevede l’ampliamento della superficie operativa di uno dei capannoni. La nuova struttura vede 2600mq coperti, uniti a quella preesistente, e circa 3000mq di piazzali esterni.