MILAN – Private Apartment

Although the mezzanine is a transit and not a living area, it is of undoubted scenographic value. accentuated by the iron balustrade and the hand made plaster frames on the ceiling.

Floor covering and decorations are made of different types of marble with special textures, to better meet the mood of every room.

Two fully mirrored wardrobes have been inserted between the entrance door and the anteroom, making the area appear more spacious.

Project description

In the most exclusive area of ​​the Lombard capital, this small apartment was previously a commercial space. The internal height of more than 5 meters has allowed the construction of a mezzanine, increasing the overall area to 75 square meters. The two-room apartment is now equipped with all modern comforts and luxury finishes.

The wall under the starcase hosts a technical compartment and a small service bathroom which can be accessed with a flush-fitting door made invisible by the push and pull mechanism. Elegant boiserie, wooden furniture made by master craftsmen and marble decorations make the space exclusive. The sink in the bathroom forms a single body with the Calacatta marble top, like the floor. Under the sink, the doors are made up of wainscoting that conceptually echoes that of the living room. The bedroom is embellished as well with handcrafted boiseries that decorate the part behind the bed and a micro-perforated wood paneling hides the radiator to give continuity to the covering. The kitchen cupboard is made of veneered beech wood, contains the sink and hob and hides the pillars of the mezzanine.

Category – Residential
Customer – Private
Designer – Arch. Alessandro Radice
Photos by – Giacomo Albo

Details & Info

Complete renovation of a commercial space in the fashion district which now houses a loft apartment, small but elegant and equipped with every comfort.