Monza – Private Apartment

Renovation and redesign of an apartment from the early 1900s in Monza.

The hand-laid marble mosaic floor, the arched joinery of custom artisan carpentry and the raffia wall paper will set the entrance to the apartment.

For the bathroom, the project includes a concept inspired by the Roman baths.

The project includes, in the dining room and in the living room, plasterboard frames outlined by inserts in gold leaf. The dining room furnishings are original restored antique pieces.

Project description

A 200 square meter apartment located in a period building from the early 1900s.

An eclectic and cosmopolitan project, which provides different environments that form an elegant and never banal union.

The spaces follow one another without apparent tears, but careful observation allows us to grasp the nuances that differentiate them. It starts with the Milanese Art Nouveau entrance, continues with the living room and dining room that reflect the style often seen in the Parisian metropolis; the kitchen and bedroom are modern although they mix some more traditional elements such as the American walnut slats on the ceiling in the kitchen and the four-poster bed in the master bedroom. Last but certainly not least, the bathroom inspired by the ancient Roman baths.

Category – Residences
Client – Private
Design – Taramelli srl
Photos by – Giacomo Albo

Details & Info