Milan – Samsung

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Simple geometrical lines, white walls and a lot of light are the distinguishing features of the new Samsung B2B showroom in Milan. A simple and elegant layout where the latest tech devices of the brand can stand out.

The showroom structure was designed to give importance to every single product displayed, with a neat and organized look on the triangular elements.

Every triangle has a trapdoor hiding all connections. This solution grants easy access and maximum flexibility to every designated post.

Displays’ structure is doubled, in order to mount the TVs in the recess and have them flush with the wall.

Project description

Together with the new Samsung District opening in Milan, the consumer electronics brand decided to re-design the showroom to welcome customer and show its new tech products.

The area is an open space with wide windows, company’s need is to have a place where every product stands out in its exhibit area. The solution is a series of triangular elements, which permits to show every device in a reserved niche, every triangle has a trapdoor to hide all the connections. This solution allows a quick access to the system, so that adding or changing a product is very easy and every connection is at your fingertips.

Category – Retail
Customer – Samsung

Details & Info

Linee geometriche semplici, pareti bianche e tanta luce sono gli elementi che caratterizzano lo showroom della sede milanese di Samsung. Un layout semplice ed elegante per far risaltare le ultime novità tecnologiche dell’azienda.