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A young and dynamic company, a lively district and a creative talent-oriented office to be designed… This is the amusing challenge, in search of solutions able to represent the innovative spirit of Bending Spoons, between high-tech solutions and handmade creations.

Design and print of wallpapers are custom-made, while lighting is studied to enhance the atmosphere.

Lighting system do not require any human interaction. It is realized with motion sensors, to detect people moving in the room, and light intensity sensor, measuring indoor and outdoor brightness to maintain it constant.

Doors and windows are custom-made in iron; cut, welded and painted with a handcrafted process.

Walls are covered in moss, not just for its decorative effect but also because this natural material has soundproof properties. Thus, common areas and meeting rooms can be isolated.

Project description

Bending Spoons is a company founded in 2013 from the cooperation of 5 friends with a common vision: creating a legendary high-tech society. Four years later they are a leading company in the creation of mobile apps; a fast-growing company with headquarter in the hectic Isola district in Milan.

The original structure has been totally re-designed to obtain a wide-open space divided by glass walls, in order to exploit the natural light. The restoration required the coordination of a big number of artisans, who realized finishing and custom-made furniture. Following the customer request, we created a series of creative and comfortable rooms, reflecting the innovative philosophy of the company. Common areas were designed with this aim, mixing functional and relax areas. Some rooms have been personalized through the use of wallpapers especially produced. To give more life to the environment we chose to create an artificial brick wall, to be alternated with glass and moss, which has also soundproof properties.

The high-tech core of the company is enhanced through a sensational light decoration and a lighting system managed through sensors, without requiring any human interaction.

Category – Offices
Customer – Bending Spoon
Photos by – Giacomo Albo

Details & Info

Un’azienda giovane e dinamica, un quartiere in fermento ed una sede da pensare a misura di creativo‚Ķ Una sfida divertente alla ricerca di soluzioni che rappresentino l’anima innovativa di Bending Spoons, fra soluzioni tecnologiche e creazioni artigianali.