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Renovation of the eighth floor, approximately 700sqm, of the MAC7 building in the Piazzale Maciachini area, for Mia-Platform, one of the leading tech companies on the Italian market.

The concept revolves around the company logo: 5 colored hexagons that have been distributed in the spaces.

The bright colors of the logo have led to a preference for neutral tones for the finishes of walls, floors and furniture, so as not to overload the rooms.

The logo is not only aesthetic but functional as the hexagons on the ceiling are acoustic panels in wool.

In this type of open space, which can accommodate up to 100 people, the main problem is the reverberation of sounds and therefore a specific acoustic analysis was carried out to prevent this problem; the position, distance and height of the acoustic panels are therefore not random.

The colors of the logo have also been re-proposed for the 2 bathrooms, where the bright tones and geometric shapes in continuity between walls and floors are found to revive these rooms without windows.

The lighting of the open spaces was rethought to measure for the new workstations: we therefore aligned each suspension in the appropriate position to ensure the correct level of illumination for each individual workstation.

At the center of the new break area we have placed a large 16-seat table, and the space also includes a bar counter where a professional beer tap was later installed.

For the relaxation area, we decided to detach from the rest of the offices to represent the different purpose of the space. The natural shades, from the green of the carpet to the beige of the wood, help the mind to relax and serve as an ideal side dish for future additions: a ping pong table, a vintage games console and floor poufs.

Category – Offices
Project – Taramelli srl
General Contractor – Taramelli Srl
Photo – Giacomo Albo

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