London – Leica

Complete fit out and requalification

Maximum figurative expressiveness: materials, architectural and decorative elements reveal research, order and harmony

Floors made with an innovative product that blends wood with cementitious resina

Project Description:

A discrete design guarantees the maximum range of expression to the space, which hosts the first ever Leica gallery in the UK. The architectural spaces interact with the art and the history of the company, told through images and innovation.

A complete fit-out intervention, where order and rhythm join modern architectures and clean shapes. The surprising lightness, the polite design, a sophisticated figurative expressivity, an engaging and welcoming environment.

The new volume recomposition allows the store to be multifunctional: the space hosts the Leica showroom and the Academy Leica, and also the first Leica Gallery in the UK.

The store becomes a showroom, the product evolves directly into the art that in creates.

The act of shopping becomes an end in itself. The purchase becomes a mere consequence,a sensorial experience, beyond logic.

Because for Leica excellence is a habit. A habit that pervades everyday gestures and spaces, blurring the lines between medium and end, commodity and result, fantasy and reality.

The floors are made with an innovative material that merges resin and wood; the parquet, laid in herringbone pattern, is protected by a resin layer that protects and highlights the veins and the wood’s charachteristichs.

Category Retail

Customer Leica

Concept e Design Studio DC10 Architects

General Contractor Taramelli srl

Details & Info

A complete fit out where order and the rhythm of the materials join modern architecture and clear forms. The surprising lightness of shapes and the beautiful design guarantee the maximum expression, a sophisticated and delicate figurative expressiveness able to welcome and involve.