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An important renovation in a Grade II listed building, in respect of the historical elements

The house was built in 1825and is Grade II listed: buildings that are of special interest, warranting every effort to preserve them.

Renovation will preserve historical parts such as stairs, frames and decorations.

The project sees the realization of six bathrooms, completely covered in Italian marble: Calacatta and Carrara white.

Project Description

Work opening: 16th July 2018

This area was built in 1825 following the project of the architect George Basevi. This crescent of houses is built around a circle with a garden in a typical Georgian style. Buildings are Grade II listed, thus there are specific regulations conceiving the preservation and renovation of the crescent.

The house is entirely realized in wood and the interiors preserve refined historical finishing, such as the elaborated details of the staircase emerged during restoration works. The architectural project was designed to preserve and enhance socles, frames, decorations and the fireplaces – characterizing this property.

Most invasive interventions were made in bathrooms, where also sanitary systems needed a renovation. Italian marble were selected for bathrooms covering, Calacatta and Carrara white, slabs had to be laid on a wooden beam floor, which needed stiffening works. All other interiors will have precious finishing such as: floors in sisal with twine in cotton and coconut, and silk wall papers. The kitchen was completely refurbished, choosing among Boffi offer.

Category– Residenze
Customer – Privato
Designer – Alessia Mosci
Landscape Design – Stefano Marinaz
Photos by – Feature Pro

Details & Info

An important renovation in a Grade II listed building, in respect of the historical elements.