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For quality work there is always a reward.
Our certifications are the perfect example.

Taramelli has been working for about 30 years with a clear goal: maintain excellence with a precise working method. Excellence for us means customer’s satisfaction, commitment and the wish to export Italian know-how worldwide.

Along this period we achieved certifications for our management system, compliant with international regulations.


After Italian law Lgs 109 of 11/02/1994 and the approval of the “Building company qualification regulation”, the “National Register for Building Companies” has been abrogated. In its stead a new qualification system was introduced – to permit companies to compete in public tenders. Taramelli obtained the aforementioned certification through ATTICO SOA for the following categories: OG1 – Residential and Industrial buildings and OG3 – Streets, highways, bridges, viaducts, railways.


TARAMELLI s.r.l. - Via Marco Biagi, 95 24030 Terno D'Isola (BG) Italy
P.IVA 03125550164, Reg. Imprese BG n. 03125550164, capitale sociale 80.000 €
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